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At what age can you skydive in Australia?

The Australian Parachute Federation (APF) is the governing body responsible for setting the rules and regulations for skydiving, which apply across all skydiving centres, also known as “dropzones,” in the country. In this post, we will explain the age limit regulations.

Age limit for tandem skydiving in Australia

The minimum age to tandem skydive in Australia is 16 years old. However, all minors under the age of 18 require written permission from their parents or guardians to participate. This is a standard requirement across all skydiving centres in Australia. Therefore, if you’re under 18 years old, make sure you have your parent or guardian’s written consent before booking your tandem skydiving adventure.

Minimum age to learn to skydive in Australia

The minimum age to learn to skydive with the AFF course in Australia is also 16 years old. This is a comprehensive training program that involves several jumps and provides a thorough understanding of skydiving techniques and safety procedures. Like tandem skydiving, all minors are required to provide written consent from their parents or guardians before participating in the AFF course.

There is no maximum age limit to skydive in Australia

It’s worth noting that there is no maximum age to skydive in Australia. At 1300SKYDIVE, we often have visitors in their 70s and 80s, and even a customer who celebrated her 96th birthday with a tandem skydive! While skydiving is not very physically demanding, there are some minimum fitness requirements for all participants, whether it is tandem skydiving or learning to skydive with the AFF course. If you’re unsure make sure to contact our team to discuss your individual circumstances.

The perfect gift for adults of all ages

A skydiving voucher is a great gift for adults of all ages. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, it is an unforgettable gift that will provide a lifetime of memories.

An alternative option for children below the age of 16

For children aged 3-16, indoor skydiving is an alternative. This experience simulates the free-fall aspect of skydiving in a wind tunnel, providing a fun and safe way for children to experience the thrill of skydiving.


In summary, the minimum age to tandem skydive or learn to skydive with the AFF course in Australia is 16 years old, with written permission required for all minors.

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