Top 3 weather factors that could affect your skydive

The weather influences almost every outdoor sport and activity, and unfavourable conditions can have a significant impact.  

Skydiving is no exception. Enjoying the breathtaking view from the sky is amazing, but we must work with mother nature. 

So what are the main weather factors that could affect your skydive? 


When it comes to skydiving, wind conditions play a crucial role in determining the safety of the jump. A gentle breeze or moderate winds do not present a challenge. However, very strong winds can be hazardous, leading to unsafe landing conditions. We take safety very seriously and never take chances with wind conditions. We strictly adhere to the limit of 25 knots, which is considered the maximum wind speed for safe skydiving. Any winds exceeding this limit are grounds for rescheduling the jump to a day with better wind conditions.


Raindrops hitting your face at 200 km/h is not a pleasant experience. Trust us, we know! If there is a very high chance of heavy rain we will probably reschedule your skydive to another day when the weather conditions are more favorable. On days with patchy clouds and showers, we may wait for the weather to clear before proceeding with the jump.

Low clouds

White puffy clouds make an amazing background to a skydive, but a very low cloud covering the entire landing area may pose a serious risk. In such conditions, it becomes difficult to see the landing site, and the reduced visibility makes it challenging to maneuver the descent safely.


As you can see there are several weather factors that can be thrown at us. A forecast is just that, the weather can change from one moment to the next. We consider everyone’s safety one aircraft load at a time. Our DZSOs (Drop Zone Safety Officers), pilots and GCAs (Ground Control Assistants) are constantly monitoring the weather to ensure our staff and customer’s safety. 

While we are always looking forward to a beautiful sunny day, sometimes the weather gets in the way. If that’s the case our team will keep you updated and we will reschedule your jump at no extra cost. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our team

Blue skies,  
The Team @ 1300SKYDIVE