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Skydive in New South Wales – Sydney & Hunter Valley

Thinking of skydiving in New South Wales? Live the experience of a lifetime freefalling from up to 15,000 feet with 1300SKYDIVE. We currently operate 2 skydiving centres in NSW: Sydney Skydivers, in Picton, and Hunter Valley Skydivers, in Elderslie. We offer the best prices to experience tandem skydiving in New South Wales.

You are in good hands with our instructors. Aussie-owned and operated for over 50 years, 1300SKYDIVE is the most experienced skydiving company in NSW and Australia. All our skydiving instructors are licensed under the Australian Parachute Federation, with thousands of skydives each.

Below you can find more information about the best options to skydive in NSW, we hope to see you soon in the sky!


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The Dropzone

If you are looking for the best value and fun option to skydive in Sydney then Sydney Skydivers is a must. Our dropzone is the closest skydiving option to Sydney CBD. Located in Picton, Sydney Skydivers is the only self-contained skydiving airport in Sydney. That means that you don’t need any buses or transfers to go to the plane or back from the landing area. Friends and family can see you take off and land under a parachute a few meters away from the action, taking photos and videos if they like. Pets are welcome and we have green areas to enjoy a picnic before or after skydiving.

Tandem Skydiving in Sydney

Tandem skydiving is the best way to experience freefalling for the best time. You will be strapped to one of our highly experienced instructors jumping from up to 15,000 feet! We have the best prices to skydive in Sydney, with no third-party or hidden fees. Tandem skydiving packages start at $349, and you can include optional extras like video and photos.

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Learning to Skydive

Did you know that almost anyone can learn to skydive? With AFF Course in Sydney you can get your skydiving licence and jump solo, in Australia and overseas. The AFF course, or Accelerated Free Fall, is a 9-stage course to learn all the necessary skills to jump out of a plane and fly your own parachute. You will go through the ground theory on the first day, and our instructors will assist you in freefall.

With Sydney Skydivers you can complete the course at your own pace and no upfront payment is required. You can book your AFF Stage 1 in Sydney or if you prefer you can enrol for the full AFF Course Stages 1 to 9

Sydney Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Looking to surprise some special with the experience of a lifetime? Check out our skydiving gift vouchers in Sydney.

Dropzone contact and location details

Dropzone: 745 Picton Rd, Wilton NSW 2571

Telephone: 02 9791 9155

Email: support@sydneyskydivers.com.au

Web: sydneyskydivers.com.au



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Our Hunter Valley location

Forget the wine tours, come for an adrenaline tour up high in the sky! Hunter Valley Skydivers is located in Elderslie, about 2h drive from Sydney and 1h drive from Newcastle. It is a beautiful countryside location with spectacular views over the Hunter Valley. We have the best prices to skydive around Newcastle.

Best Tandem Skydive around Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Our tandem skydiving packages start at $349. You will experience the rush of a lifetime jumping with one of our experienced instructors from up to 15,000 feet, reaching up to 200km/h in freefall! That adrenaline rush is followed by a gentle parachute flight with stunning views of the Hunter Valley.

AFF Course to learn to skydive

Our dropzone in Elderslie is popular because of the fun, friendly and supportive environment with licensed skydivers. We have the closest AFF course to Newcastle and one of the best locations to learn to skydive. Everything starts with AFF Stage 1, consisting of a ground course and you very first skydive assisted by two instructors in freefall. You can complete the course at your own pace, with no upfront payment required for the full program.

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for a memorable gift for someone special, look no further! Our skydiving vouchers start at $329, with several video and photo package options. Gift less material things and more memorable adventures with Hunter Valley Skydivers..

Dropzone contact and location details


If you are thinking of skydiving in Newcastle our dropzones in Sydney and the Hunter Valley are two great options. Aussie family owned and operated, we love what we do and every member of our staff is excited to show newcomers how amazing skydiving is. Customer service, value for money and unmatched fun drive us forward. We hope to see you soon in the sky!

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