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Sport Jumpers

1300skydive – Sydney, Sydney Skydivers  is the only full service sports jumper friendly DZ in Sydney. We are a short 55min drive from the centre of Sydney.

For sports jumpers the easiest way is to head out to the DZ. You can live chat our customer support staff on the website live chat, use our Fac ebook page to direct message us or give us a call on (02) 97919155.

To find any of our other sport jumper DZ’s along the east coast just google 1300skydive or search for @1300skydive on any social media channel and you will see all our locations.

Alternatively see our contact page and phone our team and they will put you through to the  DZ.

1300skydive – Sydney  runs regular events for fun jumpers.

Our Sydney DZ requires the following:

  • Valid APF membership, you can join at the DZ
  • Your rig must have an AAD and RSL

We have strict policies once in the circuit area, no turns greater than 90deg.

Check with the DZSO for full requirements on arrival.

Looking to learn to skydive ?

Not yet a licensed skydiver ?

Thats ok 1300skydive – Sydney, Sydney Skydivers runs learn to skydive courses every week. See more information about learning to skydive here