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Do you have indoor skydiving training

  • Posted by admin
  • On July 31, 2019

yes at 1300skydive we offer the most modern and up to date training methods.

We have an optional but highly recommended indoor skydiving AFF package to fast track your skills and learning. Generally  we will get students to complete their online AFF theory, complete your ground training and stage 1 skydive as well as your stage 2 skydive.

Prior to doing stages 3 and 4 we recommend you complete our optional indoor skydiving AFF training package of 20min,  or our advanced 30min,  indoor skydiving training. This indoor skydiving package is specially designed and run by our experienced staff with a thorough knowledge and experience training AFF students and qualified indoor skydiving coaches and instructors.

We also have online theory for your indoor skydiving AFF training.