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Sport Jumpers

1300skydive operates the largest group of full service sports skydiver friendly drop zones along the East Coast of Australia.

For sports jumpers the easiest way is to jump onto one of our locations Facebook Pages and direct message our friendly booking team and we can guide you in the right direction to contact one of our DZ’s.

Just search Facebook for @1300skydive and you will see all our locations. Direct Message our team.

Alternatively see our contact page and phone our team and they will put you through to your closest DZ.

All our DZ’s run regular events for fun jumpers.

All our DZ’s require the following:

  • Valid APF membership, you can join at the DZ
  • Your rig must have an AAD and RSL

We have strict policies once in the circuit area, no turns greater than 90deg.

Check with the DZSO for full requirements on arrival.


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