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Indoor Skydiving

The Modern Way to Learn To Skydive

Optional - AFF Indoor Skydiving package

  • Equivalent to 25 outdoor skydives
  • Online theory included
  • IBA rated tunnel coach
  • 20 minutes flying
  • One on one coaching every flight
  • Live video playback between every flight
  • 1 hr pre flight classroom AFF focused training and pre briefing
  • Complete review of all online AFF tunnel theory prior to flying

Indoor Skydiving

1300Skydive runs learn to skydive courses all year round. Learn to skydive in as little as 1 week. We are the largest learn to skydive school in Australia with great learn to skydive locations along the East Coast of Australia.

Do you want to fast track your skydiving course ?

1300skydive  offers a new modern way to learn to skydive.  Our optional AFF indoor skydiving wind tunnel training package includes either a 20min or 30min complete package of indoor skydive training and on online theory.

You will complete the standard AFF ground training and the normal 9 stage AFF program but you will kick start your progression and skills with our AFF indoor skydive training with 1 on 1 coaching focused on your AFF training.

Our Indoor skydive training package is normally completed after you do your skydive ground training and complete stages 1 and 2 AFF. You will then complete your indoor skydive package prior to stages 3 and 4 AFF.

1300SKYDIVE has launched our new modern indoor skydiving AFF tunnel package training program to improve your skills and fast track your progression. We highly recommend you complete this optional add on package. Our aim is to improve your flying skills to a level not before available to standard AFF students. Fly better and have more confidence, progressive’s faster.

We see our students who compete their wind tunnel AFF training fly more relaxed, fly with more confidence, become better flyers and are able to better focus. The feedback from all our AFF wind tunnel package students is 100% positive and improving the skills of our students.

Our indoor AFF tunnel package includes 20min of indoor skydiving with one on one coaching focused on some AFF and B-Rel specific flying skills and drills. This is the equivalent of 25 student skydives and allows for some next level skill building.

This program and the special pricing is only available by emailing aff@1300skydive.com.au or completing the enquiry form below. Our friendly team will book in your tunnel session and training. We also have a 30min advanced package available for $389.

You can checkout more  at  courses.1300skydive.com.au

While tunnel and sky are similar they have very difference training requirements and need a specialised focus. Our wind tunnel indoor AFF coaches are IBA rated indoor tunnel coaches with a background as experienced AFF instructors. This allows them to understand and work in the tunnel environment while delivering advanced training relevant to your outdoor AFF skydiving progression.

Each student is different and your indoor tunnel syllabus training and flying program will be a personalised training program focused on your specific needs and areas of your flying that need attention. The indoor tunnel training will focus on AFF skills development and for more advanced students move into more advanced B-Rel focused drills and training getting you ready to nail those advanced B-Rel jumps.

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Watch one of our Advanced AFF students training - indoor skydiving

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